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                      Blair Rusin lives his life to the extreme.


                                                Born September 8, 1974 in upstate New York, he has since experienced life in most parts of the world.  A world that he loves and works to save, in artwork and in his respect for nature.

His artistic talent has been fueled by the beauty found in the mountains, the oceans & world cultures. His dreams fill in the missing pieces.

As a professional, sponsored snowboarder he has

been able to travel the world to discover &

embrace all elements of beauty & nature. These

experiences relationships have been a great

tool in leading him to explore all diversities of

his passions.

Blair was born to be an artist. His father and generations before him have had the genetic ability to communicate through art. Blair became a commissioned portrait artist at the age of sixteen (Greater Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame) and his style has only improved over the years. To further his studies after high school, he studied at la Scuela de Medici, in Florence Italy. There he focused his energies on expanding the depth of his artwork.

Blair has learned from many different sources of creative influence. He has spent time as an artist, designer, muralist and as an architectural renderer. His newest found passion shows his eye for authentic art through decorative concrete. 

His dreams and his hyperactive personality continue

to provide an unending source of inspiration.

His client list includes such names as: Power of Ten Event, Binghamton Unviversity, Burton Snowboards, S-one, Sk8 Mofia, Onboard Magazine, Ford Transworld Snowboarding Magazine, Volcom, Arnette, Reef, Fish Daddy's Market, WWF, Days Inn, Tops Markets International, Denny's, Greater Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame, Emerald City Productions, MTV, and many, many others.

In his free time he enjoys traveling the earth with his wife and daughter as much as spending days outdoors painting or planning his next impact on the green movement. Spending as much time simply taking in family & nature as his thrive to work allows.

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